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Quality Improvment and Patient Safty for Us


Quality Imporovment and Patient Safety Means To Us

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, As-Suwaidi defines quality as comprehensive approach at all levels of care and services. We ensure that there is standardized process for selection, implementation and monitoring of hospital wide and department wide quality indicators and performance improvement project as required by national laws, regulations, and national and international healthcare standard. Moreover, we also ensure performance measurement and improvements are consistent with the hospital Strategic, Operational, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and risk Management Plans.

We measure Quality Indicators under the following category:

Structure Indicators - 2017

It is in a manner that resources and organizations are integrated to deliver healthcare services. Few Examples of Structure Indicators that we monitor:

1- Surgical Volume:

​Surgical Volume ​Jan Feb Mar​ Apr​
May​ Jun​ Jul​ Aug​ ​Sep ​Oct
​235 238 ​305 306​ 344​ 221​ 377​ ​351 ​319 408​ ​377 395​

2- Availability of Emergency Medication rate (In percentage):

​Availability of Emergency Medication ​Jan Feb Mar​ Apr​
May​ Jun​ Jul​ Aug​ ​Sep ​Oct
​100% ​100% ​​100% ​100%​ ​100%​ ​100%​ ​100%​ ​​100% ​​100% ​100%​ ​​100% ​100%​



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