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5 Ps for Life Style Modification


Obesity is a chronic complex condition that is reaching an epidemic in some countries. The increased rates of obesity in the Middle- East countries are part of a worldwide trend. 
There are many reasons for this increase, environmental factors, sedentary lifestyles, and high energy palatable foods certainly play significant roles.
Lifestyle modification is mandatory in all treatment strategies as there is no ‘quick fix’ treatment for obesity even with successful bariatric surgery.
There are no set targets, no set plans that fit all obese patients however there is a specific weight loss target for each obese patient based on their age, activity and the presence or absence of co- morbidities.
The bariatric team need to understand the factors that have contributed to weight gain in order to help patients to modulate these factors.
Keys to a successful life style modification programs are patient dedication in order to maintain the weight loss in the long term following any life style modification and a dedicated bariatric team that educate patients about obesity and encourage patients to continue self monitoring and to address all the factors that led to obesity and to
take responsibility for their lifestyle changes in order to maintain permanent changes to their eating habits and activities.
The following 5 Ps of Life Style Modification will help both bariatric team and obese patients to get to the successful targets.


 Plan weight loss strategies with the patient.
 Decide carefully on the steps to lose weight including the time line for weight loss, expected weight loss.
 Set agreed target weight within an agreed time line.

Propose the plan to the patient.
 Discuss all the fine details that involve the weight management plan and see if they are willing to accept. 

 Prepare the patient to face the changes in their life style including sleeping pattern, eating pattern and adapting healthy eating style.
Encourage the change of sedentary life style to an active life style.
 Encourage the patient to have patience; the process can take from weeks to lifelong in order to achieve the target weight. 
Put alternative plan if plan A did not work. 


Engage and encourage obese individuals to continue the weight loss plan to maintain permanent changes to their eating habits and activities.

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