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5 Ps to Prevent Diabetes in Obese Patients; Action plan


Diabetes in obese patients by screening high risk groups(ethnic groups, communities)
Diabetes in obese family members who share same genetic risk and same environment in order to prevent transition from preclinical diabetes into clinical diabetes.


Change of obese prediabetics into diabetics by life style modification through controlling weight and increasing insulin sensitivity with exercises.
Diabetic obese patients progress from low risk stage with no vascular complication into high risk stage. 

Obese young female patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome from getting Gestational Diabetes or diabetes later in life.  
Obese patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance from progressing to diabetes.
Cardiovascular complication in diabetic obese patients by controlling risks.


Healthy eating practice in families of obese diabetics
Online education programs on weight reduction for health care professionals.
Using modern gadgets (smart phones, pedometers for young diabetic obese).
Healthy eating and exercise programs in schools to tackle obesity in youth.
Healthy eating lifestyle in antenatal clinics to prevent Gestational Diabetes.
Healthy eating and adjusted exercises in nursing homes.
Healthy life style in high risk ethnic groups (ethnic minorities with high risk of obesity and diabetes).
Healthy life style in high risk communities (communities with sedentary life style and wrong eating habits).  


Obese diabetics when they lose weight and adjust their life style which controls their diabetes. 
Obese diabetics if they reach targets (BMI, blood glucose, lipid profile, blood pressure).
Obese prediabetics when they reach non diabetic targets
Change in eating habits and sleep routine (nocturnal eaters, meal size, meal type and meal times).


Medical information on diabetes and obesity within family members of diabetic obese patients to prevent diabetes in other siblings. 
Medical information on the link between diabetes and obesity through obesity and diabetes campaigns in high risk communities and high risk ethnic groups. 

Dr. Maha Hamdan​

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