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5 Es Road Map to Obesity Care

Educate ​​

Obese patients on causes of obesity and what drive the weight up in their situation (, high caloric meals, sedentary life style, comfort eating, genetics, medical causes, medication).

Obese patient on anti obesity medication (mechanism of action what dose, how long, what side effect to expect and how to deal with them, how much weight patients are expecting to lose with each medication.


 Obese patient in the management plan from day one; self monitoring is more effective than professional’s monitoring.
 Obese patients in recognising the root cause of their obesity (sedentary life style, high caloric meals, or both) and how to deal with each cause.
 Obese patients in life style educational program to support them during weight loss course (physician, dietician, behavioural therapist, exercise physicists).


 Change in life style like eating habits (meal size, meal type and meal times).
 Change in exercise habits (opportunistic versus structured, weekdays versus weekends, intense versus moderate, using smart phones, pedometers).
 Change in sleep habits (nocturnal eaters). 
 Obese patient’s knowledge on how to lose weight lifelong and how to live a healthier life.
 Teach them different tactics to maintain weight loss (medication plus life style).
Life style modification combined with pharmacotherapy or with surgical procedures to achieve target weight.


Get the patient confidence in controlling their weight without fears with the support of professionals, family, and friends.
 Obese patients to continue their journey once they put their foot on the right path trying to learn from their previous mistakes during weight cycling.
Obese patients to self monitor their progress.
 Obese patients to restart the cycle if there is a new event that precipitate weight regains (new marriage, pregnancy, new late night shift job).  


 The change in life style (eating pattern, exercise pattern, sleep pattern).
 Dose modification/ change of the medication that precipitate obesity (antipsychotics, anti diabetic medication).

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