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Calorie Calculation

Daily needed calories are calculated by multiple equations. One of these equations is Mifflin equations (Mifflin St. Jeor). They depend on calculating Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by using the following equations: Male: 10 * Weight (kg) + 6.52 * Height (cm) - 5 * Age + 5 Female: 10 * Weight (kg) + 6.52 * Height (cm) - 5 * Age - 161 Physical Activity Coefficient will be added according to the following points: 1.2 If you don't practise any sport, have a desk job, or daily household chores. 1.3 If you practise sports for 1-3 times weekly (light sport practices). 1.5 If you practise sports 5 days weekly. 1.7 If you practise sports daily. Calories that are necessary to keep your weight are equal to (BMR) multiplied by the physical activity level. To lose 0.5 kg of your weight, you have to lose 500 calories daily. The best way to lose your weight is that you should follow healthy diet, practise sports, be care to not lose your calories to more than 1000 calories in one day, try to reduce calories gradually, and have balanced meals containing good portion of fibres.









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