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Your your home

Dr.Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group is seeking to provide through home health care services an integrated medical care for the patient at home similar to medical care offered in hospitals. The Group is trying to afford more comfortable environment for the patient at home among family. So, quot;Your your home quot; programme has been designed. It includes two visits for Consultant of family medicine and fourteen visits for nursing team and a number of laboratory tests. Firstly, The medical team performs initial diagnosis of the health status, puts an appropriate treatment plan, follows-up patient's health status periodically in coordination with the nursing team, evaluates treatment plan and then takes essential actions according to health status.Nursing team services include measuring patient's vital signs and recording it, continuous coordination with the supervisory physician , taking care of patient's skin cleanliness and keeping it from being infected by any sores or wounds. Also, the team is responsible for checking blood sugar level and blood pressure measurement, healing wounds and sores, applying sterile dressing change and wound cleaning, as well as taking needed samples.

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