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Plastic Surgery Centeres

Plastic Surgery Centeres

In Plastic Surgery Department, we seek granting our patients a consistent body shape and a better and more attractive look by using innovative therapeutic interventions. The medical staff precisely choose the most appropriate therapy for every case. Consequently, We are strongly committed to render all treatments within an integrated healthy environment, characterised by the highest means of safety and security, to provide the best results that fulfil our patients' ambitions and exceed their expectations. In order to achieve our goals, we are hiring the most skilled plastic surgeons from all over the world, especially America and Europe.

Treated Cases

  • Face and forehead lift
  • Eyelids and eyebrows plastic surgery
  • lip surgery
  • Ear plastic surgery
  • Repair of congenital abnormalities and burns
  • Breast reduction, augmentation and lift
  • Tummy tackling
  • Body contouring surgeries

Used Technologies

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