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Title Training Courses
In our Group, we are deeply caring about developing the skills of our employees, as they are the main asset and the primary representative of the Group's name in front of our patients, so we have been keen to offer a wide range of training courses and educational activities, including:

Optional Training Courses:
We always seek encouraging employees, at all levels, to attend and participate in the training courses we offer. To do so, Professional Development Centre has been established, which is considered a main resource in the professional, scientific and individual development among the employees: multiple topics are represented, for example and not as a limitation, family, health, technology, legal and financial courses, and management and leadership courses, etc..

Mandatory Training Courses:
Some employees working in the health sector need to pass certain courses as a preparation for obtaining membership or certification of local and regional health organizations. Consequently, Training and Development Centre is frequently organising mandatory training courses for certain groups. To ensure the best results, a tracking system has been established to guarantee the presence of the target audience in these courses.

These courses vary to include:

- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Advanced Courses:
Our Training and Development Centre is accredited by the Saudi Heart Association (SHA), which is the only association responsible for all the activities of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the Kingdom, as well as being a member at International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ELCOR).

- First aid programme and CPR programme:
It is a programme for half a day dedicated to the staff in non-medical fields; it aims at its rehabilitation to rapidly deal with emergency situations at work or anywhere.

- Personal skills:
All departments are attending mandatory training courses about "communication and interaction skills" and "costumer service" to each greater interaction level with our customers and patients.

- Fire safety programmes:
All employees must attend and complete the fire safety course, and participate in live performances as the Group believes in its necessity to rehabilitate its employees to cope with any sudden dangers. 

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