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Virtual Colonography

​​Virtual Colonography

​Virtual Colonography is an examination used to examine the colon without using the colonscope or anesthesia.

Patient Preparation

The patient has to follow the instructions and get ready 48 hours before the procedure:

Follow a special diet two days before the procedure by eating light food such as soup, salad, and liquids. Dinner should be taken early.

Two Days before the Exam:

Early dinner at 8 o'clock in the evening limited to light food such as salad without any chicken or meat.

One Day before the Exam:

Food is not allowed the whole day and only clear liquids such as plain water, tea, coffee and clear carbonated beverages can be taken.

It is advisable to drink clear liquid as much as possible.

In the Evening:

At 6 pm: take 60cc of castor oil.

At 7 or 8 pm: take Dulcolax tablets, two tablets every one hour for three hours. A total of 6 tablets over the three hours.

At 12 pm: take Glycerine suppository.

In the Morning:

At 5 am: take another Glycerine suppository. You can drink water up to 6 am only.  

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